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Wildfire in the Marshall’s Hands Extended Epilogue

Wildfire in the Marshall’s Hands Extended Epilogue

Extended Epilogue 

It was not long before the whole of Brokenfort knew what had happened in Nevada City. It was the talk of the county for weeks on end and Nathan was hailed as a hero for his part in releasing so many from the wicked bondage of The Devils. Some of the money and goods they had extorted over the years was found in the ranch house, and was returned to its rightful owners. The debts which so many owed, after being coerced to pay protection money they didn’t have, then forced to borrow it from The Devils at exorbitant rates, were cancelled  

But news also spread of the forthcoming nuptials, a happy day which many looked forward to. That day had now arrived, and Nathan’s house was the scene of much frantic activity as Elizabeth prepared for her wedding, ably assisted by Amelie, Clemmie, and Betty. 

“And you’re certain he hasn’t seen this dress?” Elizabeth asked, as Betty pinned the last piece into place. 

“Didn’t you lock it away yourself when Miss Cartwright brought it for you?” Betty said, tutting and shaking her head. 

“Oh, I’m sorry, I just don’t want to think he’s seen it already,” Elizabeth replied. 

“He hasn’t. Now, stop worrying,” Amelie said, “and hold still, can’t you see Betty’s still got three pins in her mouth?” 

The dress was of the lightest blue, lace-trimmed at the skirt and with an ivory sash at the waist. The sleeves, too, were covered with lace, the shoulder and neckline intricately sewn in a fleur-de-lys pattern. It was the prettiest dress that Elizabeth had ever worn, though she was far too excited to keep still as it was pinned into place. She hadn’t slept a wink the night before and had risen at the crack of dawn to begin her preparations. Nathan had spent the night with Georgie at Sheriff Hampton’s house and so she had not seen him since the day before. Her nerves were all over the place and if it had not been for her three helpers, Elizabeth would surely have been well behind in her preparations.  

“There now, you look as pretty as a picture,” Betty said, standing up to admire her handiwork. 

“You really do, Elizabeth,” Clemmie said, smiling at Elizabeth, who reached out her hand to the young girl and smiled back. 

“It’s a wonderful day for us all, Clemmie. Come now, we’d best get to the church. After all this, I don’t want to be late for my own wedding,” Elizabeth said, laughing. 

The others were ready, dressed in their best bonnets and Sunday outfits. It was to be quite an occasion and much had been done to prepare. The wedding would take place at the mission church on Hope Street, a place so dear to Elizabeth’s heart, and which she hoped would be a place for the whole family to go on Sundays. After the ceremony, the guests would make their way to the diner. Mr. Sullivan had promised a sumptuous feast in celebration of that happy day, including, of course, his famous apple pie, much to Nathan’s delight. A horse and surrey now stood outside the house, waiting to take them to church and there was much excitement and anticipation of the day ahead. 

“What a happy and joyful day it is for us all,” Betty said, as she climbed in next to Elizabeth. 

“I’m getting a new sister,” Clemmie said, and Elizabeth laughed. 

“I just hope I’ll live up to expectations,” she replied. 

Betty tutted and shook her head, patting Elizabeth’s hand and smiling. 

“You don’t need to live up to any expectations, you’re just perfect as you are,” she said, as they set off towards the church. 

A small crowd had gathered outside the church and the bell was ringing just as they pulled up outside. All sorts of people, with many familiar faces amongst them, had gathered to wish her well and Elizabeth felt quite overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the people of Brokenfort. 

Mr. Sullivan was there, standing next to his cousin-in-law, Miss Cartwright, and beaming from ear to ear. Mr. Turner, Amelie’s father, was there alongside her mother, and all their friends from the diner. Everyone was wishing Elizabeth well and to her amazement, the Youngs were there, too, applauding and cheering as she stepped down from the carriage. 

“What a truly blessed day this is,” Mrs. Young said, stepping forward to embrace Elizabeth, who now had tears in her eyes. 

“Oh, I thought you were all heading out to the frontier. I wanted to invite you, but I didn’t know where you’d be,” Elizabeth said. 

And we wanted to be here. We heard about what happened in Nevada City,” Mr. Young said, and Elizabeth smiled. 

“And that means we can give you back your horse, too. Nathan and I were hoping we could do so, soon. It was found, the one that boltedhe’s at the Sheriff’s stables now, getting fat on apple treats,” Elizabeth said, and Mr. Young clapped his hands together in delight. 

“Well now, isn’t that a thing, it just shows that a good deed is never wasted. God bless you both,” he said, as the Youngs gathered around to congratulate her. 

 “Elizabeth, you can’t keep that poor man inside waiting a moment longer,” Reverend Roberts said, as he emerged from the mission church with a smile on his face. 

“Good morning, Reverend. Oh, my, is he really that anxious?” Elizabeth said, and the kindly pastor nodded. 

“It’s a common thing amongst men on their wedding day. Marshal Perkins may have faced off those men without so much as breaking a sweat, but when it comes to waiting for his bride, he seems a very different man,” Reverend Roberts said, laughing once again. 

“Elizabeth, who is going to walk you down the aisle?” Betty said, her expression suddenly turning worried. 

“Oh, I hadn’t thought of that,” Elizabeth replied, turning to the other woman in surprise. 

It was not as though she could have her father do so, and she would not have wished to even if he were still alive. She looked around in some confusion, just as Mr. Sullivan stepped forward. 

“I would consider it a great honor to do so, if you would permit me,” he said, and Elizabeth smiled. 

“I’d consider it a great honor if you did,” she replied, as her employer held out his arm. 

The wedding party now assembled, and Elizabeth could just make out Nathan standing at the front of the church. She wondered what he was thinking, his nerves clearly the same as hers. They had come through a lot together to arrive at this moment today and she was filled with hope for their future together. 

“Are you ready?” Reverend Roberts asked, and Elizabeth nodded. 

“I’ve never been more so, for anything,” she replied, as the pastor indicated for the pianist to begin to play, a piano having been brought in from the schoolhouse next door for the occasion. 

At that moment, Nathan turned, a smile now spread across his face as he watched the wedding party move down the aisle. Mr. Sullivan was a proud man and he took his duty very seriously, passing Elizabeth’s arm ceremoniously to Nathan and bowing as he stepped back. 

“You look beautiful, Elizabeth,” Nathan said, blushing, as he took her by the arm. 

“And you’ve not done so badly yourself,” she said, noting how handsome he looked, dressed in new trousers tucked into his gleaming boots, a vest over his white shirt, and his shiny Marshal’s badge pinned to his coat lapel. 

Reverend Roberts was standing before them, opening his prayer book and signaling for the pianist to finish. 

“Dear friends,” he began, “God is love and those who live in love live in God and God lives in them, alleluia. There’s no greater sign of that than in a marriage and what a happy day it is to witness such a marriage today.” 

A murmur of agreement went up from around the congregation, as the pastor began to pronounce the words from the prayer book. Elizabeth and Nathan promised to love one another all the rest of their lives and to be faithful is sickness and health, whether rich or poor and in times joy and times of hardship. 

Elizabeth was wearing her mother’s gold necklace with the green emerald set into it and Nathan had bought her a ring to match, the stone glittering in the sunlight now pouring through the windows of the mission church. It fit just right, and Elizabeth smiled at Nathan, holding up the ring for all to see. 

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered, as Reverend Roberts prepared to pronounce the final blessing. 

“And it now gives me much joy and pleasure to declare that Nathan and Elizabeth are now man and wife. Let God’s blessing come upon them and may they always be the happiest of people,” Reverend Roberts said, as Nathan leaned forward to kiss Elizabeth and a cheer went up from the gathered congregation. 

Clemmie and Georgie could hardly contain their excitement and they began to dance around at the front of the church, as Betty tried to chastise them, though she herself was clearly filled with delight. 

“And now, you’re all invited to the diner where refreshments will be served,” Mr. Sullivan called out, after Elizabeth and Nathan walked arm in arm down the aisle. 

“I couldn’t be happier,” Elizabeth whispered, leaning on his arm. 

“Neither could I,” Nathan replied, as the two of them stepped from the church as husband and wife. 

The wedding guests made their way to Sullivan’s Diner where a lavish table had been laid. Mr. Sullivan had closed for the day, though many of the regular customers had turned out for the occasion. 

It was a delicious buffet meal and the diners enjoyed cutlets, baked potatoes, all manner of vegetables and salads, a boiled ham, bread and cheese, and in the center of the table, there lay the most enormous apple pie that Elizabeth had ever seen. 

“I’ve never made a wedding cake before. I tried to read up about it, but the recipes all seemed so fancy and I couldn’t find half the things I needed from the mercantile. My dear wife’s cousin, Miss Cartwright, told me how I could’ve made one, but she only arrived this morning,” Mr. Sullivan said, as the guests finished helping themselves from the savory offerings. 

“I think you made a fair choice in replacing it, Mr. Sullivan,” Nathan said, laughing and shaking his head. 

“Well, a favorite dish for the most favorable of days. It could only be apple pie,” he replied.You’d best cut it, I think.” 

Sheriff Hampton called for silence and the diner fell quiet as Elizabeth and Nathan stepped forward to cut the apple pie, which had been decorated with pastry letters announcing, ‘Nathan and Elizabeth, just married,’ on the top crust. 

“Well, this is the point where I’m supposed to say something, I guess,” Nathan said, and the guests began to laugh. 

“And now you’ve lost your tongue, I suppose,” Sheriff Hampton said. 

“Which is why I’m going to let my wife do all the talking,” Nathan said, turning to Elizabeth, who looked at him in surprise. 

“Well, I suppose I could say something,” she replied, laughing as she stepped forward. 

“You’ll be great,” Nathan whispered, and Elizabeth shook her head, knowing she had no choice. 

“I do have something to say, though it’s simple enough. I want to say thank you, thank you to you all. When I look around, I see all my friends, and I realize what a wonderful place this is. Brokenfort is where I belong and now, I feel that I belong here even more. You’ve all been so good to me these past weeks, but there’s one person that’s been even more to me and that’s Nathan,” Elizabeth said, feeling ever so confident as she spoke. 

“Isn’t that just lovely,” Miss Cartwright said, and all around there were nods of agreement. 

“You all know what happened to me, you all know about the ordeal I went through. But it was Nathan who stuck by me throughout it all and was there for me when I needed it the most. I’m so glad we’re here today because it means that all of that is over. Let’s leave the past where it belongs and look to the future,” she said. 

“A very happy future,” Nathan replied, taking her in his arms, as a round of applause broke out and they shared a kiss. 

“But first of all, a slice of apple pie,” Elizabeth replied, as Nathan agreed that was an excellent idea. 

The End

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